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Art is a language of response. Curiosity and attention are the drivers; authenticity is the hoped-for outcome.

The artfulness of the natural world has fascinated me my entire life--the bottomless, living puzzle of it is breathtaking. And so, I was first drawn to a career as a botanical illustrator. Eventually, I landed in academic publishing where I translated complicated scientific concepts and processes into compelling visuals—this was artfulness in the service of learners.

About ten years ago, I returned full-time to the drawing and painting I had put aside. My work is the uncovering and cultivation of cues from the world. I use whatever medium and style feels most appropriate for the creation of an honest and authentic response to these cues. My subject is whatever snags my attention, compelling me to take out my tools and get to work.


Teaching feeds the practice, which feeds the teaching. I teach studio classes and run life-drawing sessions at the Munroe Center for the Arts in Lexington, Massachusetts. You can visit their website to see what they offer.

Laurel self portrait.jpeg
Group and Solo Exhibitions


24th Annual Frances Roddy Exhibit. Concord Center for the Arts


‘Fish Tank’. Public art commissioned by Lexington Council for the Arts


‘In a Bird’s Eye’. Solo exhibit at Gersh Gallery, Arlington, MA


‘Thrive’. Gallery Twist, Lexington, MA


‘Underfoot, Overhead’. Solo exhibit, Cary Library, Lexington, MA


Lexington Art Walk, Lexington, MA. Committee member and exhibitor 


Lexington Open Studios, Lexington, MA. Participant


Studio Seven Group show, Munroe Center Gallery, Lexington, MA


Studio Seven Group show, Concord Public Library, Concord, MA


13th Annual Frances Roddy Exhibit, Concord Center for the Arts 


1971 - 1975

BFA  University of the Arts 

(formerly Philadelphia College of Art), Philadelphia, PA

BFA in Drawing was supplemented by coursework in Botany at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Vermont, and the University of Maine

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